What to Do Before You Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance quotes online for the most efficient plans for you
Getting online auto insurance quotes is one of the best ways to conclude a search for cheap auto insurance. But perhaps even more important than the insurance quotes is what happens before you get the online auto insurance quotes.

Get Informed Before Getting Online Auto Insurance Quotes

The information that’s most valuable before getting online auto insurance quotes has to do with the auto insurance policy. There are several places in the policy where a driver can make decisions that affect the cost of the policy. Understanding those areas allows a driver to make more informed decisions that could mean cheaper auto insurance.

  • Coverage that can be dropped. One valuable piece of information is that all the coverage that comes in your policy does not have to be accepted. The coverage can be adjusted or dropped altogether. An easy decision occurs if you have rental and emergency roadside coverage, but also receive those services from someplace like AAA, or elsewhere. It is also possible to drop collision, comprehensive coverage, and saved a considerable amount of money. Insurance experts say that should only be considered if the vehicle has lost most of its value. Without collision or comprehensive coverage, there is no money to repair or replace a vehicle after an accident caused by the policyholder. But if the car is so old that repairs – and paying a deductible – no longer make sense, then drop the coverage.
  • Liability limits. This is another area where policyholders have total control. Liability coverage comes in three parts and pays for bodily injuries to one person in a wreck; injuries to everyone in an accident and all property damage in an accident. Most states have laws that require a minimum of liability coverage that is often fairly low. It’s up to the driver to make the decision between a level that will save money on the insurance policy but also will be sufficient to handle most accidents. If the liability coverage cannot pay all claims in an accident, the driver can be sued personally for the amount not handled by insurance.
  • Deductibles. The deductible is an amount of money chosen by the driver that must be paid first in the event of an insurance claim. The very highest deductibles – $1,000 or $1,500 – can save up to 30 percent on the cost of insurance. However, a driver who cannot afford to pay the deductible could have their insurance canceled.
  • Discounts. Insurance companies decide which deductibles to offer to motorists. However, a smart motorist will inquire about all available discounts. Common discounts in car insurance policies include: discounts for multiple policies, car safety features, safe driving record, low mileage, driver safety class, teens with good grades, older drivers who are retired and certain group memberships.

Now Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Now that you have a much better idea of the major ways to potentially save money in a car insurance policy, it’s time to get online auto insurance quotes. Seek quotes from at least three companies, so you can compare how a variety of companies price out coverage. Be sure that you provide the same personal and vehicle information to all companies, as well as the same liability limits and deductibles. When you finish the quote process, it’s time to compare the online auto insurance quotes to find the best one for your personal situation since it is now safer to say that it is not your enemy.

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