Student Discount Car Insurance

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What Is Student Discount Car Insurance?

Most major companies offer some type of student discount car insurance. However, the discount is usually not based just on being a student alone. Since almost all teens are students, an insurance company doesn’t give a discount just for going to school. Instead, the discount is for being a good student. Know early and fast what is motor insurance through car insurance brokers.

Insurance companies, in calculating premiums, evaluate a number of factors. Over time, they have determined who is more likely to cause accidents that lead to insurance claims. In collecting and analyzing data, insurance companies have determined that good students are less likely to cause car accidents than poorer students are.

As a result, most of the major insurance companies offer a good student discount to eligible individuals. The exact criteria varies depending on the insurance company. Some require students to be on the honor roll or deans list. Others want to see a report card with As. Contacting your insurance agent or insurance company to ask what the criteria is for student discount car insurance is the best way to determine whether or not you (or your teen) will qualify for student discount car insurance. Have a hint on home and motor insurance rates.

Who Is Eligible?

In most cases, student discount car insurance is available to anyone who is a student. This can include high school students, college students, or grad students. Some companies allow such a discount even for adult students who have returned to school, while other insurance companies cap the student discount age (usually at around 25 years of age).

If you are in school, regardless of your age, it is a wise idea to contact your insurance company to ask about student discount car insurance. This discount can save you a pretty penny on your car insurance premiums, so it is worth asking the question. A tip on getting the best motor insurance quotes.

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